Qibo values daily meals because they are what nourish and nurture us.
These are the meals that we forget most quickly in busy and stressful seasons, that’s why our mission is to cook for you weekly and fill your plates with vegetables and greens.

What batch cooking?

It is a method with a very new name, but it has been used for a long time. It proposes to solve the whole week’s meals in a few hours, planning in advance the menus and optimizing the energy of the appliances you have in your kitchen and your own.

What does this achieve?

You will save on your weekly shopping. You will know exactly what you are going to use each food for and there will be less food waste.

You will start the week with the peace of mind of having organized most of your lunches and dinners.

They will reduce your consumption of ultra-processed products and those last-minute purchases when hunger strikes.

You will have more time during the week to slow down.

Y... What is QIBO's weekly Batch cooking?

We cook at your home, the menu you want and when you want.

Tell me what you need

Explain your needs

We choose the day of the week to cook at your home

I send you a menu and you confirm me if you like it or if you want to change any dish.

You open your kitchen door to me

Next, open your fridge, choose the dish of the day and enjoy.

Yeah, but the green...
for goats

That’s what my father used to say, until one day, he started growing vegetables in a small garden and now, he even eats evening primrose leaves in salads. On the menus you will find a balance of sweet, sour, spicy, salty, umami and slightly bitter flavors that will make you lick your fingers. In addition, adding animal protein to our menus is very easy and quick. Therefore, with each menu I give you options to add it whenever you want.

Warning: YOU WILL NOT MISS IT! and you will want more and more cabbage and less and less pork.

Do you want to
give away

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